1. How do I purchase an item?

Got your eyes on a unique style? You can purchase it in just a few steps. 

  • Tap on the ‘Buy’ button to add it to your cart
  • Ready to checkout? Continue to payment 
  • Review your Shipping Address to make sure it's correct
  • Select a payment mode
  • Congratulations, your order is on its way!

    2. How do I track my order?

    • On Settings > Click on ‘My Orders’
    • Click on the order you want to track

    3. How can I change my shipping details?

    • On Settings > Go to ‘My Addresses’
    • Add the address you want to ship your order to
    • Make it your primary address

    4. Can I add more than 1 address?

    No, this is not possible. You can add more than one address, but there can be only one primary address for billing purposes

    • Go to Settings > Click on ‘My Addresses’
    • Select the address you want to set as your default address

    5. What is the Stage3 return policy for a Buyer?

    • On Settings > Go to ‘My Orders’> Click on ‘Return Item’ tab 
    • Tap the ‘Return Item’ button > Select the reason for return
    • Submit a clear image

    From here on out, our Customer Happiness Agent will approve or reject your request based on the reasons provided.

    Note - All returns must be done within 48 hours of delivery.

    Return Criteria:

    • Item(s) missing in order
    • Wrong product received
    • Faulty or damaged product received
    • Product does not match the listing (description)
    • Product does not match the listing (brand)
    • Product does not match the listing (size)
    • Product does not match the listing (colour)

    What are the shipping charges?

    Shipping charges are Rs. 75 per order

    Where can I find the styles I have swiped right on?

    • Go to your profile > Click on ‘Saved’ 
    • View your swipe style wishlist

    How can I leave a review for a Seller?

    • On Settings > Go to “My Orders”
    • Select the order you want to review
    • Submit your review

    How can I change my username?

    • Go to Settings > Click on ‘Edit my Profile’
    • Type your desired username. Make it as unique as your style!
    • Don’t forget to save the changes

    General Questions:

    Having a login issue?

    • Send your query to help@stage3.co
    • Make sure to attach a screen recording of the same
    • Our Customer Happiness Agent will get in touch with you

    I didn’t receive an OTP. What can I do?

    • In the case that you don't receive an OTP, click on Resend OTP
    • If you still don't receive an OTP, try logging in through a different method

    How do I reset my password?

    • On Settings > Go to ‘Edit My Profile
    • Click on ‘Change Password’
    • Create a new password

    How do I connect to a Stage3 Representative?

    • Go to Settings > Click on ‘Need Help’
    • Email us with your questions or concerns. Our customer care team will respond to your question



    How to edit my listings?

    Got any changes you want to make to your live listings? Here’s how you can always go back and edit them.

    • Go to Seller.stage3.co >  Click on ‘My Items’
    • Under Active Listings > Click on the pencil icon and Edit.
    • Don't forget to save your changes!

    How do I find my items?

    • Go to My Settings > Click on ‘My Items’ 
    • You’ll be able to see your active listings

    When and how do I get paid for a sale?

    All payments are done 48 hours after the order is received by the buyer.

    For each order, Stage3 sends the Seller a unique cash link on email, text and Whatsapp. 

    All you need to do is check your email or text and cash out your earnings. 

    You can transfer your payment to:

    • Bank Account
    • UPI
    • Wallet

    Where can I see my total earnings?

    See how much money you’ve earned up to date with just a few clicks!  

    Go to Settings > Click on ‘My Payments’