Dragonfly Maang Tikka Glossy Silver

Rs. 3,010.00

Inspired by the delicate and intricate Dragonfly, roaming our earth for over 300 million years, our dazzling Dragonfly Maang Tikka symbolises change, timeless beauty and clarity.

Handcrafted in 80% recycled brass, available in Glossy Gold, Glossy Silver or Matte Black plating, and adorned with numerous Lapis Lazuli stones, our Dragonfly Maang Tikka is extremely unique. It is accompanied by Swarovski crystals in the wings, a delicate border, and black onyx stones as the eyes of the dragonfly. This tikka is minimal yet highly embellished, elevating your look. Lapis Lazuli stones also make up the chain holding the tikka together, replicating the tail of the dragonfly.