Eye Keep It Simple Cuff

Rs. 2,999.00

Simplicity has a language of its own and sometimes makes a stronger statement. Taking this thought forward, Zariin has designed an impeccable cuff that is a combination of a simple bangle bracelet and an evil eye motif that holds a Lapis Lazuli.
\nThe adjustable 22kt gold dipped cuff is a delight to own and style as it effortlessly slips into the saga of your everyday dressing. Its deeper meaning and connotation makes it a relevant piece to adorn working on its protective charm without compromising on sophistication.
\nIt is believed that when someone is envious of you, they can send bad luck your way. Evil Eye jewellery is worn as protection against this bad luck.
\nIf you are looking for something more impactful, you can stack the bangle bracelet with other interesting pieces for. an arm party!
size -Adjustable(Fitsmostwristsfromsize2.2???2.8)